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Micellar Solution

€11.25 Price

A water-based micellar solution that contains particles known as micelles which trap any form of dirt on the skin, from oil through to make-up. Gently deep-cleanses the face and eyes without causing any irritation or itchiness.

All Prund Make Up Remover

€10.95 Price

Two-phase oil and water solution to cleanse the face, lips and eyes of all impurities and make-up.
Efficient removal of waterproof make-up products.

Purifying Cleasing Gel

€11.95 Price

Deep-cleanse your face with this gel formula enriched with tea tree and lime oils.
This purifying facial cleanser helps to eliminate excess sebum and prevents the appearance of blemishes. With a pH of 5.5, it acts every day to balance your skin.
The very gentle, non-irritating formula means it can even be used for removing eye make-up.

Moisturizing and Energizing Toner

€12.95 Price

The next step in skincare after cleansing. The specially selected plant extracts in this toner invigorate the skin and enhance its radiance. Lavender water supports the balancing effect of the Tea tree and Lime essential oils.
Its moisturizing action restores the skin’s smooth, soft appearance, and its skin-refreshing citrus aroma leaves a lovely sense of wellbeing.

15% Glycolic Peeling

€19.95 Price

Chemical peeling in an innovative format of biodegradable pads made of natural fibres, impregnated with a concentrated solution of glycolic acid. This alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) is very interesting and well-known in dermatology thanks to its numerous effects on the epidermis. Our 15% Glycolic peel has an intensive renewing effect, helping to eliminate dead skin cells and promoting cell regeneration and the renewal of the outer layers of the epidermis. Regular use of this exfoliating treatment makes the skin look smoother and more luminous. Ideal complement in cases of acne-prone skin as it effectively unclogs pores and smoothes the skin, minimising the appearance of lesions, scars and blemishes. Dermatologically tested.